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Massage Therapists nearLos Angeles

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Rejuvenate, Heal, Restore
Orthopedic Sports Massage & Therapeutic Exercise
Balanced Bodyworks LA
Who We Are Balanced Bodyworks of LA is a wellness company dedicated to improving performance in every facet of your life by restoring your natural balance. Balanced Bodyworks of LA is a collective of athletic, passionate professionals who share in the vision of helping everyone achieve balanced bodies and balanced lifestyles (encompassing emotional, biochemical, and
Massage Therapy / Bodywork
Los Angeles, CA 90066
What Is Happiness? Happiness Is Pain Free.
Authentic Beijing Bodywork
Acu Massage Center
Traditional Chinese Massage or Chinese Medical Massage is an ancient system of bodywork, based on Chinese Medicine, designed to locate the root origin of discomfort and pain in the body. Then using an array of specialized techniques applied, moves in to release the body from bindings, which may be caused by any number of things such as energy blockages, sports related
Massage Therapy / Bodywork
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Mobile Chair Massage Burbank, Ca
Backworx Chair Massage
We offer corporate chair massage. Chair massage is a style of seated massage typically focusing on the head, back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. Chair massage is performed while clothed and does not require massage oil. A chair massage is administered in a special chair with arms supported and face resting in a cradle. The back and neck are completely relaxed
Massage Therapist
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Licensed to Soothe
Pampering or Pain Relief
Elaine Massage LMT
Zen Massage is "massage of the moment" with full awareness of your feelings, your challenges, and your abiltiies to attain peace and balance. I have over 10 years experience on clients ranging from physically challenged people, pregnant women and first time clients, to other massage therapists. Whether you are seeking pain relief or nurturing and pampering, I can help
Massage Therapy / Bodywork
Los Angeles, CA 90064