Massage Therapist in Burnaby, BC
Stanzy Thomson, RMT | Massage Therapist photo
Stanzy Thomson, RMT
Stanzy is an RMT at Physio Collective
in Brentwood, Burnaby, BC
4480 Dawson St   
BurnabyBC V5C0J9
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Practice Information
Stanzy is a graduate from the west coast college of massage therapy and has been practicing in the lower mainland for 2 years.

Stanzy has always had a deep interest in human anatomy and physiology, which led to her entering the tattoo and piercing industry. Those years helped hone not only her communication and listening skills, but deepen the respect and compassion required to be an effective health care professional.

As a therapist, Stanzy likes to treat with focus on restoring function to activities of daily living as well as postural education for long term maintenance. She feels all aspects of life contribute to dysfunctions and pain, encouraging education, whole body wellness and mindfulness are essential.

While her experience has been predominantly with chronic pain due to traumatic injuries, she also has experience with spinal cord injuries and disorders, acute and chronic injuries, neurological issues, and the elderly.

Her love of being a registered massage therapist stems from wanting to help people live better quality lives day to day.
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 Massage Therapy
 COVID-19-Related Issues
 Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
M-f: 7am-8pm; sat: 8am-2pm; su: closed
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