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Elaine Levenson, CMT
Virginia Beach Massage Therapist
Elaine Levenson, CMT
2004 Brickell Ct   
Virginia BeachVA 23454
Practice Information
Elaine Levenson, CMT is the Owner and Sole Massage Practitioner of Virginia Beach Massage Therapist Elaine Levenson’s Philosophy About Giving Massages:
· It is important to Stay Positive - unconditional love heals from moment to moment.
· The bodyworker is not “fixing” the client.
· The bodyworker is not an intruder or a problem fixer; but rather a facilitator.
· A massage therapist’s hands are — like candles in a darkened room.
· The therapeutic remedy that the massage therapist’s hands administer to the client is: Self
· Self Awareness allows the massage client’s body and mind to re-connect and to heal.
· Elaine Levenson believes that it is important for a person to get in touch with their stored up emotional
issues — when this happens — the holding patterns of muscle pains in the person's body — begin
to float away, and pain relief occurs.

Why Come To Va Beach Massage Therapist, Elaine Levenson, CMT for your massages ?

* Virginia Beach Massage Therapist -- Elaine Levenson, CMT - is a sole practioneer.
* She is a medical professional certified by the Virginia Board of Nursing.
* Elaine Levenson offers an advanced level of therapeutic massage.

* Her massage can assist your body to get rid of stress and pains in your muscles.
* She works on your muscles thru your Nervous System.
* Elaine Levenson creates deep relaxation which allows your nervous system to relax --
when the nervous system is relaxed -- the muscles relax.

* She has been a practicing massage therapist since 1997 - and has over 10,000 hours of experience.
* Elaine has a Virginia Beach City Business License.

* Elaine Levenson specializes in individualized massage techniques that incorporate acupressure, shiatsu, & other Asian styles, myofascial unwinding, the drainage of lactic acid through use of a rhythmic lymphatic pumping technique that gets rid of the resistance & holding patterns in muscles.

* The massage techniques Elaine Levenson uses also incorporate passive & assisted stretching which allows for more comfortable movement and range of motion with less pain.

* The techniques Elaine Levenson uses are all deeply relaxing and non painful.

Virginia Beach Massage Therapist – Elaine Levenson, CMT charges $65 an Hour, however she is generous with her discounts: Elaine Levenson, CMT gives a discount of $11.25 per 1/4 hour to:

✦ Military Discount for: Active & Retired Military & their Dependents
✦ Civil Servants: Local, State and Federal Employees
✦ Senior Citizen Wisdom Discount: Age 62 and over
✦ Members of HMO's
License Info
Teacher at Virginia Beach City Public Schools, a past Project Director at National Science Foundation. Elaine attended Queens College CUNY and received both a BA and an MS. Her massage education began at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy.
Payments Accepted
Cash or Check
7 AM to 7 PM Daily
$45 to $65 an Hour
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Massage Therapy
 Corporate Chair Massage
 COVID-19-Related Issues
 Deep Tissue Massage
 Geriatric Massage
 Myofascial Release
 Neuromuscular Massage
 Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Orthopedic Massage
 Pregnancy Massage
 Seniors and Elder Care
 Sports Massage
 Swedish Massage
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