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Andrew Scheim, Holistic Practitioner
Holistic Practitioner Specializing in Disease, Injury And
Trauma- Advanced Treatment Protocols/Client Training
525 Florida SE   
AlbuquerqueNM 87108
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Andrew is a true holistic practitioner. He combines advanced treatment protocols along with simple down to earth home practices for his clients.
Andrew is skilled in the area of mind body trauma recovery.
If you can learn to practice healing with the same patience and passion as one would practice a musical instrument you can create a truly dynamic life that unfolds your true potential.


“When I came to Andrew I weighed 430 pounds and could hardly walk even with my cane. I had diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic joint pain. Working with Andrew I was able to go back to work and was climbing up a ladder within six months time. I went off insulin three weeks into his program and lost 100 pounds within about 8 months. I do his program every day, it keeps me alive.”
Doug Miller (age 60) Belen, NM

"I've had various injuries over the years and never addressed them. Well they say time catches up with you, and in my case that's a fact. I've gone through everything from diet issues to outright getting banged up and never took much of it seriously until I started loosing mobility in joints and muscle tissue etc. I began to take my health and well being a tad bit more seriously at that point, and asked Andrew for assistance in that regard. In a very short period of time I'm noticing much improved flexability in both joint and muscle tissue along with more energy and stamina. Andrew's multi tiered approach to healing the body is as effective as anything I've ever experienced actually more so. I'm getting my life back because no health, no life. If you're serious about your health and your quality of life, there's no better therapist out there for my money. He knows things about healing and the body and it's rhythms that are absolutely astounding, and because of his approach, he's able to find and treat issues that most practitioners would miss or gloss over and that's a gift; a most precious gift that few in his profession possess. He's the real deal folks, and that's a rareity in itself. So if you're in chronic pain or been given a death sentence by western standard medical practitioners, I'd say don’t give up just yet. It's highly likely that if you get in touch with Andrew, you'll find a protocol that will put you back in the game, and give you skills that will allow to take you're life back into your hands; skills that will last you a lifetime. Go for it! You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain. "
Daar Malik El
 Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
 Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)
 Certified Reiki Master
 National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)
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4598 New Mexico
Andrew is credentialed and highly skilled but considers his greatest assest an ongoing desire to explore and learn and never be caught in his training. The key to wellness is untraining not training. Andrew shares with his clients process oriented practices that allow for the mind to return to it's natural state of freedom. The highest level of bodywork and all healing are in the ability to access dynamic states of being. Bodywork is the application of advanced meditation practices and most techniques come from those meditative discoveries. We encourage our clients to learn these skills.
Andrew Scheim has been working in the field of holistic medicine for over twenty five years. He is a Certified Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Holistic Educator, Practitioner and Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist #4598, Reiki Master, Bach Flower Practitioner, Movement Therapist and Yoga instructor, Eft practitioner, Holodynamic Consultant, Graduate of the International Academy of Holodynamics, and long term Educator and Practitioner in the field of Nutrition. His approach is powerful, comprehensive, flexible and factors in the unique challenges of our modern times. Along with hands on work, Andrew develops home programs for his clients which are simple to follow and easy to understand.

When followed these simple strategies are the foundational tools for reprogramming the body back to a vital state. For some this might be something they have sought most of their life. Andrew has worked with clients suffering with Cancer, Diabetes, Crohn’s disease, Colitis and various other Digestive disorders, Arthritis, Emotional and Mental issues, Chronic Fatigue, Congestive Heart Failure, Major Trauma recovery, Chronic Pain, Allergies, Heavy Metal and Chemical Poisoning, Thyroid and other Endocrine gland problems to name a few. He has worked with quite a few elders the oldest being 93. Having overcome his own long term health problems, Andrew knows first hand the challenges and frustrations of the healing process and is committed to assisting others with their healing journey. One of his favorite quotes is: “There is no such thing as incurable illnesses just incurable people.”

Andrew has also been a professional Blues and Jazz musician for many years. He credits his musical background for helping to hone his abilities in the deeper energetic systems of body work. He is also an avid tennis player, still playing singles at 55 and is truly grateful for the Holistic skills that has kept him young and active.
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Cash, check, credit card
$60 per hour
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 Massage Therapy
 Corporate Chair Massage
 COVID-19-Related Issues
 Craniosacral Therapy
 Deep Tissue Massage
 EFT/Meridian Tapping
 Geriatric Massage
 Manual Lymph Drainage
 Myofascial Release
 Neuromuscular Massage
 Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Orthopedic Massage
 Pregnancy Massage
 Seniors and Elder Care
 SomatoEmotional Release
 Sports Massage
 Structural Integration
 Swedish Massage
 Trigger Point Massage
 Visceral Manipulation
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