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The focus of my work at Central Wisconsin Clinical Massage is the treatment of those suffering with chronic pain and joint mobility issues. Over the course of my 23 year career, it has been my privilege to work with people just like you. People who are suffering from pain and joint stiffness as the result of an auto accident, athletic injury, surgery, illness, or overuse.

My goal as your therapist is simple; Help you to regain your mobility, decrease or eliminate your pain symptoms, and to do so as quickly as possible.

The primary method of treatment I use in my practice is called Lowen Systems Manual Therapy. Here are just a few of the advantages of this unique system of work.

It is a multi-systems approach which encompasses the whole of the body. Tension within the body is not limited to the muscular system. Tension can exist and be problematic in any of the body’s tissues and systems including the circulatory, organ, nervous, connective tissue, or craniosacral systems for example. This work can address tensions in all of these systems and more, allowing for a more comprehensive and effective treatment.

Since it assists the body with what it is already trying to do (heal itself), the forces required for treatment are small, making this a gentle, comfortable, and non-invasive form of treatment. Lowen Systems work is very relaxing to receive as well as being a very efficient form of manual therapy. This work is safe for every age group young and old alike.

There is also no need for you, the patient, to disrobe. All the work can be done through the clothing.

I do offer other therapies at this office. Among these are Muscle Energy Technique, Positional Release Techniques, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Therapy, and a variety of stretching techniques. These techniques are used as adjuncts to the Lowen Systems work.

Although effective on their own, all of these techniques work well when combined with other therapies such as acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, or standard medical care.
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 Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
My career in massage began in 1993 after graduating from The School of Integrating Shiatsu, in Fairbanks, Alaska. Interested in the more clinical aspects of massage therapy, I chose to begin my career working at a local chiropractic clinic to gain experience working with those suffering with acute and chronic pain.

After gaining valuable experience at that facility, I decided to open my own clinic, the Neuromuscular Treatment Center based in Rapid City, South Dakota. I remained there until I moved back to central Wisconsin in December of 2008.

In order to provide the best possible therapeutic results for my clients, I have dedicated myself to the ongoing study of osteopathic and orthopedic massage and manual therapy techniques. A majority of this study has been spent with Frank Lowen of Spokane, Washington. Mr. Lowen is the creator of Lowen Systems Manual Therapy and an internationally respected therapist and lecturer. To date, I have over 660 hours of continuing education, all of which involves the study of osteopathic and orthopedic related massage and manual therapy techniques.

When I am not working, I enjoy biking around the wonderful Amherst area, kayaking the Tomorrow River, staying fit, playing a little guitar, and spending time with my partner and best friend Cindy. We really enjoy living in the Amherst area and try to partake in all the local events that we can!
BS in Physical Education from Montana State University, 1984

Graduate of the "School of Integrating Shiatsu" Fairbanks, Alaska 1993

Stuart Taws: Soft Tissue Release, Nov 96
Upledger Institute: Lymph Drainage Therapy 1, Dec 99
Northeast Seminars: Myofascial Mapping, Nov 01
Northeast Seminars: Myofascial Release, Nov 01
Northeast Seminars: Biomechanics with Muscle Energy Techniques, Mar 02
DCR (Dialogues in Comtemporary Rehabilitation): Strain Counterstrain / Advanced, April 2002
DCR: Neural Tissue Tension, May 2002
DCR: Muscle Energy Technique / Sacrum Jun 02
DCR: Muscle Energy Technique / Type lll, Ribs, Bone Bruise July 02
Northeast Seminars: Respiratory Rehab, Integrative Manual Therapy, Sept 02
Biovalent Systems: Basic Skills and Concepts, Jan 03
Biovalent Systems: Manual Perceptions 1, Mar 03
Biovalent Systems: Biomechanical Regulators, April 03
Biovalent Systems: Fascial Regulators 1 and 2, June 03
Biovalent Systems: Manual Perceptions 1, Oct 03
Biovalent Systems: Manual Perceptions 2, Dec 03
Biovalent Systems: Biomechanical Regulators, Feb 04
Biovalent Systems: Neuro 1 April 04
Biovalent Systems: Biomechanical Regulators/ Lower Extremeties, Oct 04
Biovalent Systems: Circulation 1 Sept 04
Biovalent Systems: Advanced Connective Tissue, Jun 05
Biovalent Systems: Advanced Hand Skills, July 05
Biovalent Systems: Lower Extremeties, Jan 06
Biovalent Systems: Hand Skills, Practical Integration May 06
Biovalent Systems: Visceral Dynamics, Feb 07
Biovalent Systems: Manual Perceptions 2, Sept 07
Biovalent Systems: Cranial Dynamics Nov 07
Lowen Systems: EE2 biomechanics Focus May 14, 2015
Lowen Systems: Recertification Sept 2015
Lowen Systems: Channels and Bridges March 2016

Biovalent Systems is now known as Lowen Systems
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Hours:8-6 M-F by appointment only
Cost/Session:$60/hr as of Jan 31, 2016
License:#4443-146 WI
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