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Spomenka Chekerevatz

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Shiatsu In The Mountains
Within a human body, there is a network of energy lines (meridians) and points (acu points) that are believed to carry KI, much like the different currents within the sea.

Shiatsu aims to access these lines and points in a way that re-energises and re-balances the whole of body and mind.

Shiatsu uses many different techniques. They can be slow and subtle or brisk and energising.

Techniques include thumb, palm, elbow or knee pressure, as well as stretching and rocking. There are also manipulation techniques not unlike those used in Physiotherapy.

Indeed, Shiatsu is sometimes called "japanese physiotherapy".

The principal aim of Shiatsu is to assist the body's natural healing process by encouraging the client's energy to move into a more balanced state.

As well as being beneficial for specific injuries and general symptoms of poor health, regular use can reduce the build up of daily stress.

In my work I aim to create a supportive space in which you are invited to deeply relax, let go of usual tensions and worries and come to meet yourself - your own body, feelings, the space of your mind.

When we are able to meet ourselves in this way, with kindness and without judgement - something magical happens.

Sometimes clients describe the experience as "a sense of coming home".

Shiatsu is given on a comfortable futon on the floor.

A person is fully dressed in loose clothing, made from natural fibres if possible.

It is advisable not to eat a large meal, or drink alcohol just before the session.

Also, a hot, long bath on the day of the session should be avoided.

After the session, some simple exercises may be shown, to do at home.

A person should then rest for a couple of hours, or at least not engage in a strenuous or stressful activity.
I was born and educated in Yugoslavia, where I obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology.

I came to Britain in 1988 to study Shiatsu with Sonia Moriceau Sensei. She studied Shiatsu with the japanese master Wataru Ohashi. Ohashi was a student of the famous Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of Zen Shiatsu.

Sonia was also a meditation teacher, being one of the most senior students of the late Zen master John Garrie Roshi.

After graduating I further studied Shiatsu with Bill Palmer.

In 1988 I also started studying Buddhism and meditation with John Garrie Roshi.

My principal Buddhist teacher is currently Lama Shenpen Hookham of the Awakened Heart Sangha, where I am also a teacher in training.

Study of psychology, Buddhism and meditation greatly influence my work as a Shiatsu practitioner.

My other influences include Process Work and Nonviolent Communication (see links).

I have been extremely fortunate, over the years, to meet many good teachers, and some exceptional ones. I have tried, and am still trying, to put into practice what they taught me.

As well as practising Shiatsu on an individual basis, I also conduct group demonstrations, lectures and workshops.

I live with my partner and our three gorgeous children in a beautiful valley in the heart of Snowdonia.
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