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Restoring Joy

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Master of Energy Transformation
I work with folks whose drive to succeed is making them sick, overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated with an unfulfilling life. My people are looking for a drug free solution to reinvigorate their deteriorating health, get re-energized, reclaim their clarity, and ultimately feel joyously fulfilled.

Using a 7 step formula called Restoring Joy which literally blows the lid off the subconscious blocks that keep you stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of stagnation, isolation, and frustration. Restoring Joy simply supports you to refocus on the things you love. You know those things that just light you up, give you an easy peaceful feeling and feed your heart.

I watched as my father's need to succeed, led him to a massive heart attack and an early grave at only 48 years old. Standing at his funeral and listening to his many friends speak of what a tragedy for such a young successful businessman to die so young. I realized what most people regarded as success had sent my father to an early grave.

My grief with my fathers death and the anger with his life choices drove me to self medicate. I found alcohol and drugs helped me to escape my feelings and for the next twenty years they became my best friends. An arrest for drunk driving at 39 woke me up.

While lying in that jail cell angry, drunk ,disgusted with myself and wondering what in the world happened to me? Crying and hating myself, a flash back washed over me about an event that had been subconsciously suppressed by me for over 30 years.

The flash back showed me lying in bed at 5 years old and suddenly awakened by a brilliant being of light whom began to telepathically speak to me. I was much too busy attempting to convince the being they had made a mistake and visited the wrong person. I did not hear or remember what the message was. Remembering only the final parting words. "When the time is right you will be called upon to serve."

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Several weeks later I met my first spiritual teacher and began my quest for personal success........... enlightenment.
My first tool learned was about choice. Remembering in every moment choice is always available, even not making a choice is a choice.

Twenty years and many teachers later, I have been called to help the sick to heal themselves by making new self-empowering, healthy choices.

Are YOU sick, overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated and feeling unfulfilled?
Looking for a drug free solution to reinvigorate your deteriorating health?

I am excited to offer you a complementary Restoring Joy visioning session.

During this powerful 1-1 private session we will...

Uncover unconscious challenges stopping you from feeling healthy

Create a crystal clear vision for your health, wealth and happiness.

Leave your visioning session with renewed hope, feeling inspired and energized.

YES, I would love a complementary Restoring Joy visioning session.
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