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Therapeutic Mobile Massage
Welcome to Massage Empathy. I strive diligently to be client focused. After all each of us are individuals and have specific concerns that need to be addressed. I have been in practice for the past four years. I manage a mobile business practicing massage therapy in the comfort of people's homes. I give 110% when I perform therapeutic techniques that alleviate pain due to trigger points and scar tissue by using the appropriate pressures. I communicate effectively with clients making sure they can handle whatever pressures maybe needed, and if they can't I reduce the pressure to their comfort level. I look forward to working with you to bring you back in good working shape!
I have been strength training using free weights for 30 years. I have played a number of different team and individual sports. I enjoy exercising and keeping in good shape. I have been studying nutrition and supplementation for 26 years. I have been involved in a number of automobile accident injuries and sports injuries so I understand the difficulties of rehabilitating. I have worked in a number of spa settings, and I have worked in a facility that employed 10 chiropractors, 9 physical therapists, and 20 massage therapists.
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 Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
I received my training from the Cortiva Institute-Florida School of Massage Therapy, located in Pinellas Park, FL. I went through a rigorous 750 hour program of intense study of the human body. All of my instructors were some of the best licensed massage therapists themselves, including one chiropractor. The classes I attended were anatomy, physiology, pathology, musculoskeletal anatomy, kinesiology, massage foundations: mechanics and techniques, massage foundations: integrative therapeutic massage, clinic foundations and hydrotherapy, professional ethics and communication, clinical reasoning and research literacy, population spectrum, clinical integration, business practices, myofascial release (structural integration), neuromuscular therapy, and attended the student clinic for 80 hours. I achieved a 4.0 GPA and did not miss a day of school. I graduated in June of 2012 thereby receiving my diploma. Afterward I took the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) governed by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB).

I specialize in therapeutic massage by performing an integration of Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Swedish techniques to address your muscle and joint health. What that means is varying degrees of pressure, passive range of motion (the muscle and joint being gently stretched while your muscle is in a relaxed state), and Muscle Energy Technique (your contracting your muscle at 20%-50% of your strength and holding that contraction for a few seconds while I apply a resistance, then relaxing your muscle and joint while being gently stretched).

I have been benefitting from the expertise of Chiropractors and Massage Therapists for the past 24 years for my health concerns. I care about people and I love what I do!

I think the results achieved from massage work are incredible! There are no harmful side effects or unnecessary surgeries. I derive much satisfaction from helping someone feel better and reach their personal goals!
Payments Accepted
Cash, and long time regular clients can use checks.
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