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MKSI - Minki Kim Structural Integration

MKSI - Minki Kim Structural Integration | Bodyworker photo
Resolve Your Pain, Dissolve Poor Posture, Evolve Your Body
Based in Chelsea, New York City, MKSI – Minki Kim Structural Integration delivers long-lasting health and greater well-being by restoring postural balance and functional ease throughout your entire body. The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a highly effective 10-session series that alleviates chronic pain, tension, and rigidity with enduring and longstanding results. Profoundly improve the quality of your life and regain the healthy alignment, balance, ease, and fluidity inherently within you. Learn healthier postural habits and more efficient patterns of movement to empower yourself with the necessary tools to prevent future dis-ease, dysfunction, and pain.
 Certified in Structural Integration
I am a graduate of the New School of Structural Integration (NEWSSI) in Laguna Beach, California. He specializes in highly effective biomechanical techniques and assessments to achieve postural balance and alignment throughout the entire body as well as exploring the effects of psycho-emotional patterns that manifest in the physical form with the client. I treats each client as their own being with their own unique histories, personalities, and body types. Most of all, Minki is an emphatic proponent of Structural Integration forging everyone’s path to a life filled with ease, relinquished from chronic pain, tension, rigidity, and mind/body imbalances.
I have a background in clinical psychology and went on to become a Structural Integration practitioner because I believed in the direct relationship between body and mind. Through this work, I can affect the mind through the body and bring about balance to both. I realized that well-being and long-term health is effectively attained by viewing people as a whole which encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, and to re-balance the human body with a global approach from head to toe.I believe reorganizing, restoring, and optimizing your overall posture and balance is paramount to long-lasting health and greater well-being.
IASI - International Association of Structural Integration
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Hours:Mon - Sat 9:30AM - 6:30PM
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214 West 29th Street
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