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Experienced Massage Professional
8 years experience Medical Reiki Thai
Melania truly believes in the Holy Trinity of Self Care: Reiki, Essential Oils and Therapeutic Massage. It is a synergistic approach Melania utilizes for anyone on a healing journey. Her clients experience lasting results through unique and memorable sessions. Her work focuses on the needs of newly awakened, Empaths, Starseeds, Healers and the gifted. But any "body" can benefit from a really specific massage catered to your needs. She is certified in 16 different modalities including Medical and Thai massage. She integrates them well in her style, which is a mix of both intuitive and technical skill with an extensive knowledge in anatomy to release stress, struggle and pain.
Melania is your Massage therapist's massage therapist.
Her work is often recommended to Healers, Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Care givers, and anyone in the field of healing arts.
Practice Areas
 Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)  Certified in EFT/Meridian Tapping (EFT/MTT)  Certified in Pre and Post-Natal Massage (CPMT)
 Certified Reiki Master
Melania Mersades Has been practicing and studying Complimentary and alternative medicine since her childhood years. She began using Herbs and aromatherapy which lead to a curiosity in why people didn't heal. In 1997 she joined the armed forces to solidify her alternative lifestyle with an adventurous career. She would soon find out the, the restrictions placed upon her within the Military could only be overcome with a civilian life ripe with spiritual growth. She then became obsessed with finding natural and alternative ways to live a life of wholeness. She incorporated Reiki into her practice in 2002 and started offering her services to children and adults of non-profits, Department of Corrections and health fairs. He love for music pulled her into the Conservatory of Recordingn Arts & Sciences in 2005. With a background in music as a healing art, Melania incorporates healing music into her sessions with many tools. Her clients in Arizona and Connecticut encouraged her to maximize on her gifts by attending massage school. It was a defining moment in her spiritual development.

Melania has extensive training and hands-on experience in the eight years since graduating from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2010. Melania's love for aromatherapy then blossomed into a career Educating clients how to use Essential oils safely and effectively. Her newest edition is the Aroma touch Technique in which she incorporates 8 different essential oils along the spine to accelerate the bodies innatte healing abilities.

At a very young age, Melania Mersades realized she had very unique abilities. She has always been drawn to the synergy between the earth, mind, body, and Spirit. As she grew, Melania learned her unique abilities were a rare gift from the universe and carefully crafted a career to suit her and her gifts.

Learning this about herself helped her grow into a nurturing and vibrant individual. Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Melania Mersades shares these channeled abilities through her life as a Reiki Thai Medical Massage Professional, who teaches Self Empowerment modalities to her clients with a very simple approach. She helps people attune to their highest frequency.

She facilitates Tampa Bay's only Reiki share on the beach on the 1st
Sunday of the month and quarterly Reiki retreats to unite the Reiki community.
750 Clinical Massage Connecticut Center for Massage therapy (now Cortiva)
Medical Massage
Soma Veda Thai Yoga Massage
Table Thai Massage (for geriatric massage)
Advanced REIKI Master Teacher
Parent Child Reiki Instructor
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Se Habla Español
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Hours:Tuesday - saturday 10am-7pm