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I enjoy making people feel better. I enjoy seeing the sigh of relief when they get off my table at the end of a session. Massage to me, is something that needs to be a part of daily life. There is so much that goes on in our lives;so much that is thrown at us everyday; so much that our body takes on to keep us functional. I believe that all of that stress, is the cause of a good chunk of the illnesses that plague us today. I Believe that one massage can go a long way for someone; it can open up new possibilities and free up pent up emotional and mental energies that allow us to operate at a more vibrant level ; a more conscious level. That is what I hope and strive to achieve with my clients when they arrive to my massage table. I offer a place to breathe, pause, and reboot their bodies, minds , and spirits.
Practice Areas
 Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
Payments Accepted
Cash, credit cards, debit cards
Cost/Session:$75/60min $ 90/90min
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