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Elaine Levenson, CMT

Elaine Levenson, CMT | Massage Therapist / Bodyworker photo
Virginia Beach Massage Therapist
Elaine Levenson, CMT
Elaine Levenson, CMT is the Owner and Sole Massage Practitioner of Virginia Beach Massage Therapist Elaine Levenson’s Philosophy About Giving Massages:
· It is important to Stay Positive - unconditional love heals from moment to moment.
· The bodyworker is not “fixing” the client.
· The bodyworker is not an intruder or a problem fixer; but rather a facilitator.
· A massage therapist’s hands are — like candles in a darkened room.
· The therapeutic remedy that the massage therapist’s hands administer to the client is: Self
· Self Awareness allows the massage client’s body and mind to re-connect and to heal.
· Elaine Levenson believes that it is important for a person to get in touch with their stored up emotional
issues — when this happens — the holding patterns of muscle pains in the person's body — begin
to float away, and pain relief occurs.

Why Come To Va Beach Massage Therapist, Elaine Levenson, CMT for your massages ?

* Virginia Beach Massage Therapist -- Elaine Levenson, CMT - is a sole practioneer.
* She is a medical professional certified by the Virginia Board of Nursing.
* Elaine Levenson offers an advanced level of therapeutic massage.

* Her massage can assist your body to get rid of stress and pains in your muscles.
* She works on your muscles thru your Nervous System.
* Elaine Levenson creates deep relaxation which allows your nervous system to relax --
when the nervous system is relaxed -- the muscles relax.

* She has been a practicing massage therapist since 1997 - and has over 10,000 hours of experience.
* Elaine has a Virginia Beach City Business License.

* Elaine Levenson specializes in individualized massage techniques that incorporate acupressure, shiatsu, & other Asian styles, myofascial unwinding, the drainage of lactic acid through use of a rhythmic lymphatic pumping technique that gets rid of the resistance & holding patterns in muscles.

* The massage techniques Elaine Levenson uses also incorporate passive & assisted stretching which allows for more comfortable movement and range of motion with less pain.

* The techniques Elaine Levenson uses are all deeply relaxing and non painful.

Virginia Beach Massage Therapist – Elaine Levenson, CMT charges $65 an Hour, however she is generous with her discounts: Elaine Levenson, CMT gives a discount of $11.25 per 1/4 hour to:

✦ Military Discount for: Active & Retired Military & their Dependents
✦ Civil Servants: Local, State and Federal Employees
✦ Senior Citizen Wisdom Discount: Age 62 and over
✦ Members of HMO's
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Massage Therapy  Neuromuscular Massage
 Aromatherapy  Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Bodywork  Orthopedic Massage
 Corporate Chair Massage  Pregnancy Massage
 COVID-19-Related Issues  Reflexology
 Deep Tissue Massage  Seniors and Elder Care
 Geriatric Massage  Sports Massage
 Myofascial Release  Swedish Massage
Teacher at Virginia Beach City Public Schools, a past Project Director at National Science Foundation. Elaine attended Queens College CUNY and received both a BA and an MS. Her massage education began at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy.
Payments Accepted
Cash or Check
Hours:7 AM to 7 PM Daily
$45 to $65 an Hour