Alternative Therapist / Holistic Healer in Allentown, PA

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Cari Rowan, MA, CS-T

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Embodied Reiki
My clients come to me for pain relief, stress management and burn-out prevention or restoration.
I work with people living with chronic illness: physical and emotional.
I have also been honored to offer palliative care and support for people facing end of life issues.
I listen with my hands, heart and full body presence to to you and you body.
Let me help you unravel the story your body has to tell.
I have spent 3 decades studying and practicing Polarity, Reiki, Body Wisdom, Collard Method, Shiatsu, Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Zero Balancing, and CranioSacral Therapy.
In addition, my background as a counselor in mental health, addiction and ACOA recovery provides me with a firm grounding in the psychological aspect of my clients.

I see my primary role as a listener...listening though ears, heart, spirit, and hands. I wait for your body to begin to unfold it's story, trusting that it will lead me to what your system most needs at that given time.

Every session, every client becomes the beneficiary of 30 years of dedicated training and experience.

Due to licensing requirements, I am now offering Reiki (infused with all my oither experience) for Embodiement, Deep Relaxation and Transforming/Releasing Trauma. My advanced Reiki training took place in 2005.
Practice Areas
 Reiki  Seniors and Elder Care
 CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger Institute)
MA in counseling in 1987.
Post Graduate courses in addictions and recovery.
Academy of Massage Therapy 1997.
Polarity Training 1982.
Reiki training 1983-5.
Upledger Institute 2001-present.
Upledger Certification as a CranioSacral Therapist.
Other Languages
Basic Sign Language
Hours:11 am to 4 pm M-F. Some Saturday hours.