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Katalin Moser, LMT

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Heal Your Body Naturally Through Craniosacral Therapy
Balanced Health & Healing
CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light-touch method of evaluating and enhancing the craniosacral system, the environment in which the brain and spinal cord function. Spinal fluid flow from the brain through the spine to the sacrum and back to the brain creates a natural rhythm in the body. A block or restriction in the spinal fluid flow can inhibit the brain - your central nervous system - to receive vital information from the body, hence the body loses its ability to heal itself. CST helps remove these blocks that stand in the way of healing the body naturally.
I also use a holistic approach in my treatments with the understanding that the body does not function without the mind and our thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on our bodies. Hence when we work on healing, it is inevitable that with tissue release, emotions release as well and thought/behavior patterns change for the better, which in turn has a healing effect on the body. This method is called SomatoEmotional Release (SER).

Whether you are seeking relief from physical pain or illness, or you find yourself "stuck" emotionally, CST/SER could prove to be the new start you are looking for.
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