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Seeking Massage Therapy Treatment in Minneapolis, MN 55418
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Massage Please!

Type: Massage Therapy
Location: Minneapolis, MN 55418
Posted: Sun. Sep 4
This Message is for Jason Lee-
My name is Ian Pierce. I got an amazingly effective massage from you damn near 15 years ago or so. I'd like to get some neck and back work done and hopefully get into a more regular schedule with a masseuse to get my body to be healthier and less tense to be able to enjoy life better as I approach my 50's.
Looks like you're still practicing in the same space. Let me know if you have regular hours. I can generally do mid-late afternoons or Saturday mornings work well for me.
I hope you're well and still practicing! I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks, Ian
Urgency: Within days
Frequency: Regularly scheduled
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