A Sense of Purpose May Benefit Your Brain
Having a strong sense of purpose in life may lower the likelihood of brain tissue damage in older adults, new research suggests. Autopsies conducted among adults in their 80s revealed that those who felt their lives had meaning had far fewer macroscopic infarcts -- small areas of dead tissue resulting from blockage of blood flow. This kind of brain tissue damage is believed to boost the risk for developing dementia, movement problems, disability and or dea ...
Healthday - Thu. Jan 7
Impotence Drugs Don't Fix All Sexual Concerns: Study
Popping a little blue pill doesn t guarantee that an older man will be happy with his sex life, British researchers report. Men who take drugs like Viagra and Cialis continue to express more concern and dissatisfaction with their overall sex life, compared with men who don t suffer from erectile dysfunction, according to results of a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Manchester. These men also are more likely to worry about their erectio ...
Healthday - Thu. Jan 7
25 Million U.S. Adults Struggle With Daily Pain
Pain is widespread in much of America, with more than 25 million adults -- 11 percent -- suffering on a daily basis, a new national survey reveals. And approximately 14 million adults -- roughly 6.4 percent -- experience severe pain, which can be associated with poorer health and disability, researchers found. Other national studies of chronic pain have yielded similar results, said study author Richard Nahin, an epidemiologist with the National Center for ...
Healthday - Thu. Jan 7
'Tennis Elbow' Usually Heals Without Therapy, Study Finds
Most people with tennis elbow recover without physical therapy and steroid injections, according to a study by researchers in Norway. I m not surprised because that s really been the classic teaching, said Dr. Joshua Dines, an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The number that s often cited is that 90 percent of tennis elbow, golfer s elbow, will get better by the end of the year no matter what you do. Study first auth ...
Healthday - Thu. Jan 7
Pregnancy Often Leads to Changes in Migraines
Women who suffer from migraines may notice changes in their headache patterns when they re pregnant, experts say. For example, many women will have fewer migraines during pregnancy. If you suffer from migraine, there s a good chance your migraine attacks will improve during pregnancy, Dr. David Dodick, chair of the American Migraine Foundation, said in a foundation news release. Research has shown that 50 to 80 percent of women who have migraine before pre ...
Healthday - Tue. Oct 6
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