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Just What the Doctor Ordered....
Here are some great stats for any of you who may be thinking about coming in, but aren't quite sure yet. Just something to ponder. This information is from an American Massage Therapy Association survey of people who received massage services during the past year.

85% of people who received massage said their primary motivation from receiving massage was medical or stress oriented.

91% surveyed believe massage can be effective in reducing pain.

54% said that their doctor recommeded they receive a massage. 14% received a direct referral from their physician.

28% of those who responded said they used massage therapy for pain relief.

Although these stats indicate that more and more people are turning to massage therapy for help with their health care issues, it is obvious there is still a need for many to become aware of all that massage and manual therapy can provide for them.

As a therapist with almost 23 years in the field who works with people of all ages who are dealing with all types of physical ailments from injuries suffered in an accident or problems with recovery from surgery, to athletic sprains and strains, headaches, chronic back pain, or excessive stress, I get to witness the benefits of massage care on a day to day basis. The decreases in pain, the increased mobility, the smiles that come from getting a good night sleep, are all very real.

I am grateful that the medical establishment is starting to come around to the fact that a skilled Massage Therapist can provide effective therapies which can assist any individual towards better health.
In fact, many hospitals are starting to see the benefits massage can offer and are even bringing full time therapists on board at their facilities. This is great news for all of us!

So, what does all of this mean? It means we need to stop looking at massage as just a luxury service where we simply get pampered for an hour. Instead, we need to start looking at what massage can do for your overall health and well being.