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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Massage Therapy After Hospitalization

According to an article on "Healthy Living" (MSN- "Rheumatoid Arthritis May be Linked to More Blood Clots" by Randy Dotinga - Healthy Day Reporter , 2012), there may be greater risks for people with RA during (and for awhile after) hospitalizations for developing blood clots (DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis). According to the study written by Dr. Marie Holmqvist from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, it appears to be double the risk with RA patients, compared to non-RA patients. These numbers are, however, relatively low and should not be cause for anxiety. (Study included 45K people - 2.2% of RA patients developed DVT compared to 1.1% non-RA patients. )

What does that mean in terms of receiving massage? It is important to let your massage therapist know, any time that you have recently been hospitalized, or if you have been diagnosed with DVT. For your overall safety, massage therapy will need to be discussed with your physician prior to making an appointment. Ask your Dr. to write a release for massage therapy after hospitalization. Your massage therapist will need to adjust the type of massage you receive. With certain adjustments, massage can be safe and relaxing.

Consider massage therapy, to be part of your health maintenance program. It may help to reduce pain and stresss, and increase relaxation and feelings of well-being.