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Weight Maintenance Part 6 - Key Tools

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Here is the final part 6 of my set of tips to maintain weight once you have reached your target and to stop you yo-yoing back.

1. Work out which areas you can improve quickly or which depend on other factors being sorted out first, so you have thought about what issues you need to improve on. This is how you do it!

• Draw a large circle and split it equally with 8 lines coming out from the middle to the edge.
• Each line can be graded 0 in the middle and 10 on the circle edge.
• Mark a dot on each line where you score between 0 and 10 for each of the 8 elements below (10 is excellent, 0 is hopeless!)
• Join the dots - and you have your weight management circle!
• Think about how to get your own circle to be a) a circle (rather than haphazard) and b) as big as possible (i.e you’re scoring closer to 10 on each issue)
• If you have other important issues in your weight management, add them as extra lines.

2. Key aids to learn more about weight management:
• MY Cambridge (£8 a month) - online food, drink and exercise diary that links you to me too!
• Cambridge Active – online source of exercise guidelines
• Meals in Minutes (£9) – lovely pictures/cooking recipe book from Cambridge for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts
• Cambridge Steps Programme Booklet (£1.50) – limited advice on My Life section about GI, exercise, and limited recipes in each Step.

3. My recommended books on GI diets and Healthy Eating from my Amazon webshop. Including:
• Getting the Best from the GI Diet (Rick Gallop) – lots of good nutrtion advice, recipes, exercise suggestions, a great traffic light system for all foods, for everyday living.
• Dr Ali’s Weight Loss Plan (Dr Mosaraf Ali - Prince Charles’s doctor!) – focuses more on problems associated with weight gain, traits and physical ailments and a holistic approach to health including yoga and massage.
• Bartram’s Nature’s Plan for your Health (Thomas Bartram) – Following a section on nutritional requirements, a naturopathic approach including a herbal repertory for ailments and nutritional therapy.
• Eating Well for Optimum Health (Andrew Weil) – hefty book on nutritional requirements, various diets from around the world (eg mediterranean), recipes and a few appendices.

I hope this is of use to you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best of luck and best wishes