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Weight Maintenance Tips Part 5 - Support and Motivation

al Covo offer Nutritional Therapy and also Weight Loss Programmes
Here is part 5 of my set of tips to maintain weight once you have reached your target and to stop you yo-yoing back.

7. Support
- Call me if you are feeling weak or have been tempted by food – just a helpful chat or text may be all you need!
- Use my Facebook and Twitter feeds, and also Cambridge Weight Plans Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for reminders of what you’ve achieved, why you achieved it and how good you’ve been. Remember to use my Facebook page photo albums on ‘Nutrition and Cambridge’ for advice!
- I offer free monthly weigh ins (BMI and waist to height ratio) for Cambridge maintenance clients – come along if you are unsure whether you are putting on weight, or if you just want to ask something or perk yourself up.
- Talk to friends – give them the opportunity to congratulate and support you! That’s what they want to do after all.
- Buy some of my recommended books on GI diets and Healthy Eating from my Amazon websho

8. Motivation
- Are your 3 main reasons for starting to lose weight way back when you first came to me – or before that – still true and valid?
- What reasons do you have to maintain your weight now? Is it pride, self-esteem, sport or exercise related, for medical health (eg diabetes, heart disease, risk of stroke, blood pressure, cholesterol, asthma), for friends or lovers, for social reasons?
- How motivated are you to maintain your weight? Have your lifestyle, friends, intentions and goals changed? Can you face going back there?
- It is difficult in today’s society to eat a nutritionally complete, balanced diet (with artificial ingredients and ready made to last longer processed ‘foods’ from around the world), but it makes you even more special that you are motivated to keep yourself educated and look after your body so well. You are what you eat!