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Weight Maintenance Tips Part 4 - Exercise and Enjoyment

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Here is part 4 of my set of tips to maintain weight once you have reached your target and to stop you yo-yoing back.

5. Exercise
- Exercise has so many health benefits to your muscle tone, strength and flexibility, stamina, heart, circulation, and immune system – so you will look and feel better and reduce health problems.
- Consider exercises you can do 5x a week for 30 mins (or 10x a week for 15 mins) by combining it with a daily duty eg walking to supermarket, cycling to work, jogging, spinning, circuits, football, or boxercise classes with a friend or family member, playing squash with someone during lunch or after work, walking a dog, or stepping up, stretching, or yoga in front of TV or Wii Fit.
- Think about learning a new exercise such as swimming (361 Cals for 30 mins if you’re 82kg), skiing (264 Cals), yoga (216 Cals), jogging (405 Cals), ironing (91 Cals), dancing (184Cals) or golf (200 Cals).
- Use MY Cambridge to record your calorie expenditure online against calorie intake – a healthy lifestyle does both diet and exercise at moderate daily levels.
- Follow Cambridge Active guidelines –know how many calories you burn by aerobics, gardening or shopping for one hour (If you’re 82kg, you burn 250 Calories with a moderate 30 minute aerobics, 195 Calories gardening, and 145 Calories supermarket shopping).
- Consult your GO before any strenuous exercise. Start slowly and build up gradually, with the right clothing and footwear and a professional, if appropriate. Warm up and cool down with stretches. Stay hydrated with extra water.

6. Enjoyment!
- Relax and spend time with friends, talking, both in your home town and away.
- Do things you enjoy e.g. art galleries, watching live music, theatre, reading, visiting countryside or cities, organising dinner parties, going to the races, dancing, drawing, learning a new skill such as poetry reading, or coloured glass making, economics or Spanish.
- Remember those 3 most important things you wanted to do which was why you wanted to lose weight – e.g. go out cycling with your friends or play with the kids - and DO THEM!
- Treat yourself to a slice of cake or muffin or sausage roll every third week, instead of every third visit to the coffee shop.