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Combine Acupuncture and Massage Therapy for Best Results!

Maybe you've gone in for massage therapy, left feeling great, but then woke the next morning wondering where all that feel-good went. Or, maybe you've sought relief from an acupuncturist and had to wait and wait over the course of multiple visits for it to arrive.

These experiences aren't uncommon. Many massage practitioners focus on sites of complaint, but fail to treat correlating areas and underlying problems. And there are acupuncturists who focus entirely on organ dysfunction and energy flow (called “qi,” pronounced “chee”). They insert their needles and leave you lying there feeling like a human pin cushion without ever laying a hand on you for healing manual therapy.

Individual Benefits of Massage

Massage alone does quite a bit. It stretches tight muscles, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, eliminates stiffness, treats pain, provides a boost to the immune system, relieves stress and tension, chases away anxiety, and relaxes the body and mind. Its physicality is important, too; it supplies the caring, comforting human contact we crave and that offers so much benefit to our mood and outlook.

Individual Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is more controversial to Westerners, being based on an Eastern concept of wellness. Still, Western medical science attributes to it a number of potential benefits. Some include relief from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, heartburn and other digestive discomfort, fibromyalgia, nausea and vomiting, the effects of radiation, insomnia, menstrual symptoms, osteoarthritis, and dental pain; it can also aid with weight loss and boost the efficacy of pharmaceuticals, thus allowing for lower or less frequent doses. To Easterners, and to many in our hemisphere who've tried acupuncture, the accepted benefits are more numerous.

A More Encompassing Approach to Healing

A singular approach to fixing a complex problem is bound to have shortcomings. And make no mistake about it: chronic pain and other symptoms people struggle with daily are complex problems. Your doctor may say it's as simple as popping a pill every day, but more often than not, it's only suppressing symptoms (while replacing them with new ones in the form of side effects), and not treating anything.

I turned to a combination of two healing arts and have found great success. Massage therapy and acupuncture work wonders when used in a complementary fashion. Each offers something that's lacking in the other. Massage provides firm muscular work and the healing touch; acupuncture corrects qi and organ dysfunction while triggering endorphins and the anti-inflammatory response.

By employing both therapies, the individual benefits of each are conferred, but relief is more enduring. That's because immediate symptoms and underlying problems are remedied together. In conjunction, the techniques also create a synergy that magnifies their powers to relax, relieve, and heal.

Plus, there's a greater flexibility in administering a combination treatment, allowing me to tailor therapeutic measures to individual needs. Each patient I see has unique problems coming from unique circumstances. The ability to correct constitutional and organ problems with the insertion of needles and to manually work on muscles makes my treatments highly adaptable and effective.

Please Get in Touch!

If you live in the Orlando area and want to hear more about how the combination of acupuncture and massage therapy can change your life for the better, I'm happy to speak with you. Back pain, headaches, other chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, excess weight, and other daily suffering can be a thing of the past. Treatments also help manage a variety of chronic disorders. You'll be surprised how powerful and effective these ancient natural healing arts are.

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