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Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Chair Massage

If your new to chair massage, you may wonder "what can I do to get the most benefits out of this massage." While chair massages may lack the privacy most are familiar with when getting a full body table massage, there are still ways to "tune out" the outside world and get "into the zone."

#5 Remove jewelry

Pretty obvious, but, it's as much for you as it is for the massage therapist. The two most important accessories are necklaces and earrings (especially the straight back kind-they'll poke you in the neck...not relaxing). Rings, bracelets and watches aren't that important unless you like to get a good hand and wrist massage.

#4 Communicate with your massage therapist

Before the massage: Never had chair massage? Let him/her know.

Got a headache? Show your therapist where you feel it. During the massage: Don't wait for the therapist to ask if the pressure is just right. It's best to proactive. After a few minutes of warm up, you'll get a good sense of how the therapist works. Let them know how they're doing. "That pressure is just right" "Can you go deeper and slower" "That's a really good spot to work on"

#3 Remember to breath

Breathing deep into the diaghram and slowly exhaling will really help you get in touch

with what is tight and tense. Using your breath also helps communicate to the therapist

that you are actively partnering with them to give you the best massage.

#2 Avoid "helping" your massage therapists

Some clients get into the habit (knowingly or not) of raising their own arm when they feel the massage therapist start to move it. Some may be thinking, "oh, here, let me help you move my arm." It's a nice gesture but not necessary. Unless your therapist asks you to actively move your arm, it's best to just keep the arm relaxed and let the therapist do all the work.

#1 Take it all in

Plan to give yourself a few moments afterwards to get in touch with the changes in your mind and body. Avoid "connecting" to the outside world for like 10 minutes. Get a drink of water, take a stroll...accessing the memory of this renewed sense of well being will have a cummulative effect towards future massages.

What do you think? Can you add to the list? Please share below.