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Incontriamo Shiatsuka Di Altri Paesi di Serena Trotti

(Translation Edited by Laurie Russell)

"Global Shiatsu Virtual Gathering". We have been invited by Kumiko Kanayama san to participate as speakers in the "Global Shiatsu Virtual Gathering", and we invite all our readers to follow these interesting weekly appointments. In this past year, there have been many changes we have had to deal with. A new, unusual situation of isolation has certainly surprised us, but also spurred us to broaden our horizons, allowing us to see different things. The limits dictated by the closed conditions sparked new initiatives and thus the boundaries of our relationships expanded. A very important meeting for us was the one with Kumiko Kanayama and her "Global Shiatsu Virtual Gathering".Kumiko sensei is a very sweet Japanese shiatsu ka, and the founder of "The Five Lights Center of shiatsu'', the oldest shiatsu practice in New York. Kumiko san is also the niece of WataruOhashi sensei, founder of The Ohashi Institute, where she taught for many years. Kumiko’s Center, located in the Upper West Side, deals with Shiatsu, Reiki, Yoga, Qi Gong, Karate, Makko ho, meditation, and other practices (to learn more you can visit their website or Facebook page). The motto of these NY friends is "The Power of Touch'', and "the power of touch" well represents the gentleness and tenacity of Kumiko san and her staff in planning and spreading these online classes open to practitioners from all over the world. Thanks to the release of some of our books in English," Masunaga Shiatsu Manuals'' 1st and 2nd month, we have been invited to these meetings, holding two on sho (oriental diagnosis) and, in particular, on the evaluation with Kyo and Jitsu on the areas of the map created by Shizuto Masunaga sensei. On these occasions, we were exposed to the international shiatsu community and met many colleagues in Europe and the rest of the world. Bornin April 2020, "Global Shiatsu Virtual Gathering" is a weekly appointment on Saturdays (at 17, Italian time) now in its 35th edition on the occasion of our second participation, last December 19. Each lesson is dedicated to a topic related to our art; the speakers are experts, teachers, and therapistsINCONTRIAMO SHIATSUKA DI ALTRI PAESI Di Serena Trotti(Translation Edited by Laurie Russell)from the United States and abroad; each Saturday is an opportunity to increase our knowledge as therapists, and deepen our work on ourselves. The authentic welcome, in the pure Japanese style of Kumiko san, creates a pleasant atmosphere where you can meet colleagues from all over the world and confront them in the spirit of sharing and harmony. The lessons already carried out are available on the YouTube channel(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMUIz-BonO-ywKMcMUQ0Kuw/videos) and on the website(https://www.fivelightscenter.com/).

We would like to quote here the words of Kumiko Kanayamasensei on the occasion of her greetings for the end of the year: "Thank you for being part of the shiatsu community. Change is coming, let's continue to celebrate shiatsu, take care of our bodies and minds, each other, and this wonderful planet - together." The letter continues: "How would you like to remember 2020? Now is the time to analyze this momentous year. It will be a year to remember for the rest of our lives. We lived very intensely: something was lost, something gained, we suffered a lot of stress but learned a lot. Whatever happened and whatever the future brings, we will definitely have the challenges of this year in our memory. It leaves us with much to talk about, emotions and reflections to share, new ideas to spread, and connections to draw. For many, this has been the year of a spiritual awakening, so let's give it some perspective and think about what has happened, what has been done, what is now, and what we would like to remember. For The Five Lights Center, it has been a year of meeting incredible people from all over the world. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity. We have experienced great amounts of kindness, empathy, sincerity, and love for the shiatsu community, and we have learned so much. To all the experts, teachers, therapists, students, and guests - thank you for your time with the "Global Shiatsu Community", for sharing insights, and for being supportive of your colleagues. This year has shown us that wherever they are in the world, people who are interested in shiatsu have inner light and passion to share. Meeting each other makes us stronger and enhances our healing mission, in the hope that the universe will give us a way to come together soon in real life. We invite you to keep talking about shiatsu and spreading the word about our meetings. We have a lot to do in the coming year. Love, Kumiko, and the Team”. And what Shiatsu Milano Editore welcome this exhortation and invite all our readers to connect during the upcoming meetings. While we wait for the chance to meet in person, we are working with Kumikosan and her team on new projects. We’ll keep you posted about them