Michelle DiGaetano

Filming in Atlanta and Turn 2 Massage

Filming in Atlanta, Georgia
Massage on Location by Turn 2 Massage

Atlanta is now in the top 5 cities for filming movie and television productions and is considered the "Hollywood of the South". Atlanta is the place to be for work in the production industry.

The economic impact has given many small businesses an opportunity to grow. We at Turn 2 Massage have been able to benefit by providing cast and crew massage onset and in home. Speaking with California based crew who now come to Atlanta for work have said, "there is no work in California". Some have not had work there in 5 years.

The industry is here to stay as more and more production studios are built. There are currently about 70 more productions in development. We are excited about the opportunities and are glad to be a part of the film and television industry in Atlanta.

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