Michelle DiGaetano

Chair Massage for Nurse Appreciation Week

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Turn 2 Massage

Turn 2 Massage honors the nurses who educate and care for us all.

National Nurses Appreciation Week begins on May 6th and ends on May12th. It is a time to give recognition to nurses who dedicate their lives to helping others.

Nurses are essential and one of the most important people responsible for patient care and recovery. They are who patients see most often when admitted to the hospital. Nurses are there to give them the assistance they need to be as comfortable as possible. They work long shifts and are on their feet most of the time. Their job is highly stressful and they are responsible for the safety and care of very sick patients.

Nurses deserve to be appreciated everyday. They are compassionate, empathetic and vital to the healthcare industry. They support both the patients and families when health of the patient is in question and especially when loss of life is a possibility. Nurses become attached to their patients and sometimes have to cope with that patient losing their life. They spend much more time caring for patients than doctors.

Most especially during Nurse Appreciation Week they should be recognized for their hard work and devotion. Providing chair massage is a way to show thanks. Chair Massage can provide stress relief and relaxation. If only for a short session, it can have a great impact on relieving stress. They will feel appreciated and cared for.