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Flush Out Flu & Muck in 3 Days

TOP METHODS to FLUSH out FLU & MUCK in lungs & sinuses - by Marci Javril ©2010

SELF-MASSAGE is so easy, relaxing & can be fun! You can de-accumulate mucus dramatically by stimulating lymphatic fluid circulation. Do this 1-3X a day for 10-20 minutes each time for a FASTER recovery.

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Melting Touch Massage: 15-minute decongest for Head, Chest & Belly
..psst... Read out loud to make it more understandable.

1. Stir the "sludgey" contents of lymph glands behind earlobes, stretch, pulse & release skin of entire sides of neck.
2. Use contoured hand, sliding slowly from ears down sides of neck toward chest, pulse gently at collarbone.
3. Really play with & massage the ears! stretching & pulling on them in every direction slowly, thoroughly.
4. Press strongly at back of head along ridge where neck and skull meet .
5. Squeeze gently, start at chin, follow along jawline & lips outward toward ears.
6. Beginning at nose, slide/melt mucous congestion out of sinuses by pressing along cheekbones toward ears.
7. Press along sternum where each rib attaches, in firm "scrubbing" action (Neuro-Lymphatic Acu-Points).
8. Breathe deeply & fully, tapping on chest (Thymus) rhythmically to open up lung capacity.
9. Squeeze under arm pits slowly, thoroughly, squish against ribcage gently- activates fluid out of lungs.
10. Hug yourself around ribs along "bra-line", reaching around back. Slide slowly in rib grooves with melting hand, follow one rib at a time, squeeze gently from back to front.
11. Vibrate at diaphragm, just below sternum on soft part of belly, by shaking or using a vibrating massaging unit.
12. Flush congestion out of lungs into abdomen by slowly sliding down from left rib cage toward left hip bone.
13. Massage entire abdomen hand-over-hand, or one after the other, in a gentle clockwise circle - stimulates colon perastalsis , gas movement.
14. Undulate (Ocean Wave) the belly from right to left, nudging upward on right (ascending colon) and downward on left side (descending colon).
15. Gently squish left hip pocket area toward navel rhythmically for 5-10 pulses. Then do the same underneath the left ribcage (spleen/stomach), underneath the right ribcage (liver/gallbladder), and at the right hip area (ileocecal valve).

Now follow the instructions backwards, starting at #15 and ending at #1. Lastly, follow them forward once again from #1 - #15. To effectively massage yourself, 3X times is the Charm!!

Cleansing Methods from Kriya Yoga

1) Squirt sterile saline solution into one nostril at a time by tilting head upside down (neti pot), and then snort out the mucus. Do each nostril 3X.

2) Gargle with salt water, Listerine, or diluted hydrogen peroxide for at least 30-60 seconds.

3) Scrape the tongue at least 50 times, keep rinsing the scraper off in hot flowing water, continue to expectorate mucus. Clean the sink after these steps.

4) Dry Skin Brush toward heart. Take sauna, steam or hot bath / hot shower with Epsom Mineral salts

5) Perform Fire Breath (Kapala Bati) to activate digestive juices and Abdominal Lifting (Uddiyani Bandha with Naulis) to stimulate colon movement.

6) Bounce on Sports Ball while contracting & relaxing pelvic floor PC-muscles (Kegel exercise/Moola Bandha) - activates lymph nodes that cleanse the pelvic organs (prostate, testicles, uterus, ovaries, bladder).

7) Shade eyes in total darkness, slow & deepen your breathing, systematically relax every cell in body (Yoga Nidra). Resets Central Nervous System into parasympathetic, where all digestion, assimilation & elimination take place.

Essential Supplements - don't have to cost a lot

% -Oscilococcinum homeopathetic: take 8 doses in 6 hr intervals.

% -Wellness Formula by Source Natural -immune support: 4 tablets every 4 hrs.

% -1000 mg Emergen-C with ascorbates, minerals & B packets:
every 2 hrs until you experience loose bowels, then lengthen your interval.

% -Slippery Elm in tea or extract form, Zinc Lozenges, Cyclone Cider

% -Garlic, Ginger, Cholorphyll, Oxygen, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Silver Colloidal
- - make sure you check to see what is suitable for your constitution - -

MAINLY I push my FLUID intake - here's my fav's -

Drink LOTS of water (divide your Weight by 2 = how many Ounces/day you need), alternating with other liquids: fresh vegetable juice, watermelom juice, coconut water, ginger limeade, ginger echinachea lemonade, lemon ginger tea, chicken soup, seafood soup, and fresh papaya, raspberries, blueberries.

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