Michelle DiGaetano

Turn 2 Massage Event Massage Services

Turn 2 Massage continues to explore ways of providing health and wellness alternatives and is now offering corporate event massage services.

Massage at events has become increasingly popular and is very much in demand. Companies recognize the health benefits of massage, as well as opportunities of promoting their own businesses by offering chair massage services at their events. Corporate events include trade shows and conventions when companies have invested time and money to promote their products and/or services and have purchased booth space. Many trade show vendors offer chair massage therapists at their booth location to help attract potential customers. People take advantage of free chair massage and foot traffic will increase. This is an ideal solution when trying to convey information to attendees about the products and services offered. This is extremely beneficial when there are so many other competing companies there. A small investment in chair massage can bring a large return.

Companies also regularly request massage at their corporate trainings. Long days in class or hours of lectures can overload the mind when trying to comprehend a lot of new information. Chair massage during breaks is a great way to help relax, relieve tension, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Chair massage at company health fairs is another frequently requested event for massage services. The idea of health fairs is to promote health and wellness to employees. Chair massage, along with blood pressure screenings, cholesterol checks and any other health related tests helps employees stay aware of any potential health risks. The investment for the company to provide a health fair day can result in happier, healthier employees, as well as provide preventative measures for any possible health risks.

Chair massage can also be provided for corporate celebrations. It’s a great way for employers to thank their employees for their hard work and dedication. It is always well received and very much appreciated.