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Muscle Problems Can Cause Poor Equine Performance

Veterinary confirmation the importance of "Equine Massage"

"Athletic horses may participate in brief, intense athletic events; prolonged endurance events; events that require a combination of activities (such as jumping and dressage); or events that require the horse to perform athletic activities while sustaining a demanding body position, such as working in a collected frame or sliding stops,".

Further, she noted, horses ill-prepared for the work load they're asked to carry out can also develop muscle soreness and/or strains. Additional factors that can contribute to the frequency of muscle soreness or strains include inadequate warm-up time or methods, preexisting conditions, working the horse to the point of fatigue, and partaking in activities the horse isn't accustomed to, she said.

Across the disciplines, common muscle groups affected include those located on the horse's back, hind quarters, shoulders, and legs, McKenzie said.


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